Ensuring the best start to parenthood

Ensuring the best start to parenthood

Happy father Sanaul Haque Himel pictured with his daughter at Dolna, BRAC’s day care centre at the Head Office. Himel is a Project Manager in BRAC’s technology department.

Being actively present in every aspect of my newborn’s life is a priority for me. Both parents must play equal roles in raising a child.

As a BRAC employee, I was entitled to a month of paid paternity leave from work. I was able to spend uninterrupted time with my partner and newborn after her birth. I had the option of availing paternity leave within six months from the date of delivery, and it makes me happy that the same policy applies to colleagues who choose to adopt children.

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Sanaul Haque Himel with his family at the BRAC Head Office.

As a new father, it was more than just leave – it allowed me to be a constant presence during the early days of our newborn’s life, as well as support my partner who was recovering from childbirth. My wife, who also works at BRAC, availed six months of paid maternity leave, and she also had the option to extend her leave for six months. When we both went back to work, we kept our baby in Dolna, BRAC’s head office-based childcare centre – so we were still close to her. It made that transition back to the office much easier, and we could still drop in to see her at lunchtimes.

Managing work and parenthood simultaneously can be stressful and difficult in the initial months. BRAC recognises the needs of new parents to bond with their newborn or adopted child. Maternity and paternity benefit policies offer our staff with gender-inclusive, comprehensive and need-driven benefits to support all staff during this important life chapter, including support in the case of demise of the newborn. Staff in the head office can avail spots at Dolna, BRAC’s in-house childcare facility to ensure safe supervision of their children within the office premises.

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